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Friendly & enjoyable courses introducing you to the essential skills of fly fishing.

The courses have been designed through years of guiding experience to cover the essential skills you will need to begin your fly fishing journey.

Introduction to:

  • Trout fishing
  • Salmon fishing
  • Pike fishing
  • Fly tying
  • Film shows and social events

"Programmes designed and developed specifically to your local waters delivered by local anglers”


I have been involved in FlyFish 50 in Aberdeenshire for some time and it is refreshing to see such a dedicated team of volunteers dedicated to sharing their enjoyment and knowledge with new anglers at the multiple annual events

….It’s just a bunch of enthusiasts with a real passion for fly fishing….

FlyFish50 is a fantastic vehicle for getting folk into fishing.  I love the fact that it’s open to all, regardless of age, ability, past experience, background or anything else.  It’s just a bunch of enthusiasts with a real passion for fly fishing who are keen to get others involved and share the benefits of a sport that’s clearly given them so much enjoyment through their involvement in it. Personally I get a lot out of introducing people to the sport and seeing enthusiasm grow as participants learn more about it and all the aspects involved

Andrew Tweedie

Being involved with FlyFish50 has been very rewarding! Watching complete beginners progress to become competent anglers in their own right is what this initiative is all about.

Craig Flemming



build your own ff50 programme

Our goal is to provide an easy route for non anglers & beginners to get an introduction into the world of fly fishing.

There are many great flyfishing development intitatives in operation, FF50 is here to support current projects and to help develop angling development frameworks.