Providing an easy route  into the world of fly fishing.

If you are passionate and enthusiastic about sharing the sport of fly fishing and are involved in fly fishing events already we welcome you to join the community dedicated to growing angling development worldwide.

Share with us your event ideas and get access to structured course content, lesson plans and templates.

Receive suport for organising and delivering events and tackle and equipment support to help you deliver the best introduction to fly fishing possible.

Collaborate with like minded people to create great courses and events


    • Challenge yourself…… Can you introduce 50 new anglers in to the sport of fly fishing this year?
    • Make it easier for new anglers to find out how to get into the world of fly fishing.
    • Communicate your angling development events to a wider audience.
    • Get access to tailor made lesson plans, risk assessments and handouts to help you deliver events with less hassle.
    • Ongoing support from the FLY FISH 50 team to develop your events and how to deliver them.
  • Collaborate with like minded people to create great courses and events
    • NEXT STEPS support - Volunteers will learn much about teaching / coaching fly fishing and receive guidance on the next steps. Coaching certificates / casting instruction certificates available.
    • Resources available on how to teach the casts and correct common faults.
    • FREE webpage within FLY FISH 50 to communicate with a wider audience.
  • There is no specific demographic or one type of event :
    1. Structured Fly Fish 50 courses include Stillwater Trout, River Trout, Salmon, come and try days, ladies fishing events, family events, intermediate/advanced speycasting courses, fly tying events and film shows….
    2. :
    3. EVERYTHING that involves introducing new anglers into the sport of fly fishing can be considered as a FLY FISH 50 event
The ratio of instructors was superb. Everybody was very encouraging and supportive. It was great to have patient and willing instructors sharing their vast collective knowledge. The time spent across the three lessons was split up well, with short, informative activities and a good amount of time spent on the water. The evening times were good (18:30-21:30). The fly tying demonstration on the final night was fascinating. (Aberdeenshire FlyFish50 participant)
   The ‘staff’ were extremely helpful and accommodating especially in respect of my two boys. Nothing was too much effort. The group was welcomed to the facility and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.
Ailidh Hay

FlyFish50 is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in getting into fly fishing. It is also the perfect resource for groups who want to run angling events in their area. There is a wealth of information, ‘how-to’ guides and a wealth of experience in these pages. Come and join us.

I have been involved in angling development since 2014. We really wanted to move things up a level and create a structured programme for new anglers in both trout and salmon.  we created Aberdeenshire Fly Fish 50 and developed a suite of resources to support and encourage people new to the sport. It all hinges on our amazing volunteers, they make everything tick.

Fly Fish 50 has allowed us to connect with many like minded individuals who are dedicated to growing the sport of fly fishing, sharing notes of types of events and how to deliver has helped us to fine tune our courses to ensure we can deliver the best possible angling development days.

….It’s just a bunch of enthusiasts with a real passion for fly fishing….

FlyFish50 is a fantastic vehicle for getting folk into fishing.  I love the fact that it’s open to all, regardless of age, ability, past experience, background or anything else.  It’s just a bunch of enthusiasts with a real passion for fly fishing who are keen to get others involved and share the benefits of a sport that’s clearly given them so much enjoyment through their involvement in it. Personally I get a lot out of introducing people to the sport and seeing enthusiasm grow as participants learn more about it and all the aspects involved

Andrew Tweedie

Being involved with FlyFish50 has been very rewarding! Watching complete beginners progress to become competent anglers in their own right is what this initiative is all about.

Craig Flemming